The London N° 1

The London N° 1
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Product information "The London N° 1"

Gentle and round with soft fullness, aromas of herbs and spices on the palate with slightly balsamic hints, very harmonious in the final, at the same time full and refreshing with great length: a highly elegant gin experience!


Country: England

Type : Premium Gin

Manufacturer: The London Gin Company Ltd.

Grape varieties: 100% grain from Suffolk and Noorfolk

Alcohol : 47%

Content: 0,7 Liter

Color: clear, shiny aquamarine blue

Manufacturers/Importer: Sierra Madre Trend Food GmbH, Rohrstr. 15, 58093, Hagen, Deutschland


Serving suggestion: pure, on ice, as a martini, fizz or classic gin-tonic



The London No. 1 owes its impressive aromatic complexity and finesse to its selected ingredients and the eleborate, triple pot still distillation process (in a copper kettle) by hand. This is the only way for the master distiller to ensure that each of the twelve herbs and spices really unfolds its finest nuances of taste.



Wine note:

While most premium gins get by with 8 to a maximum of 10 herbs, The London No. 1 give a full dozen (!) selected herbs and spices from all over the world with their delicious flavors, making it an absolutely unique experience: Juniper from the mountains of Dalmatia, black currants from Hong Kong, cinnamon from Ceylon, coriander from Morocco, lemon and orange peel and iris roots from Italy, angelica root and savory from the French Alps, almonds from Greece, Bergamot from Bergamo, Turkish liquorice (which has been used by English master distillers for about a century in the preparation of gin because it gives it a particulary delicate sweetness) and the gardenia extract, which gives our The London No.1 its unmistakable aquamarine color . The London No. 1 is distilled exclusively in London in very small quantities, making it one of the only two gins distilled in London.

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