Strawberry liqueur from Ziegler

Strawberry liqueur from Ziegler
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Product information "Strawberry liqueur from Ziegler"

Sweet, juicy strawberries are distilled into strawberry spirit. This fruity, highly aromatic distillate forms the basis for the strawberry liqueur, The scent of pure strawberries captivates with the depth of the strawberry establishment.

This liqueur has unlimites uses. The liqueurs can be mixed with sparkling wine, champagne or wine as an aperitif. For fruit sorbets, cocktails and many sweet dishes and desserts. Enjoyed pure, you experience pure fruit enjoyment.

A good liqueur must not have a thick consistency and not taste too sugary.


Country: Germany

Type : Likör

Manufacturer. Ziegler 

Alcohol : 20%

Content: 0,35 Liter

Temperature : 16° - 18°C

Manufacturers(Importer : Gebr. J. & M. Ziegler GmbH, Hauptstraße 26, Edelobstbrennerei, 97896 Freudenberg



Note: Ziegler liqueurs are natural products. For optimal enjoyment, they should be consumed within one year of opening.






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