Rum aus Martinique

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J.M Rhum Agricole X.O
J.M Rhum Agricole X.O
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Rum from Martinique

The island of Martinique belongs to France and is located on the Caribbean. Since the 17th century there has been the production of rum on Martinique, since then there are more distilleries on every other island in the Caribbean. In addition to the Rhum Agricole and the white rum, the Rhum Vieux is also burned here. In addition to those, there are also other rums that you won't find otherwise.

In Martinique, agriculture, among other things, has proved to be an important economic example, with sugar cane in particular very high. It provides the raw material for the good rum that should be shipped all over the world.

Taste and aroma of Martinique rum

The rum from Martinique is particularly unique in taste. The sugar cane grows on volcanic soil, so that the sugar obtained is slightly tarter in taste than with other varieties. This aroma creates a special touch when the rum burns. Especially the white rums of Martinique still possess this special taste of the sugar cane. The older varieties, on the other hand, are rather tart with a mild finish, so you could compare them to a whisky from Scotland.

The rum varieties of Martinique are characterized above all by its beautiful fruitiness and complex aromas. Perfect as an aperitif.